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Hair Transplant

Hair transplant, is the activity of transplanting the hair follicles taken from the back range of the head where the hair is thick, to the parts of the head where the hair is rare with a suitable operation.

Hair Transplant Turkey

hair transplant Turkey....

Hair Transplantation

Fue is a kind of hair transplantation technic. FUE is a strategy which is created against FUT technique which has lost its legitimacy. With FUE hair extraction system, hair follicles are taken from the giver range between the ears with the assistance of an extraordinarily created miniaturized scale engine or extraction needle in parts of 0,5 – 0,9 mm.

This system has grown rapidly; so that FUE technique is created later than FUT strategy however got to be prevalent in a brief while. The most vital inclination element for standard FUE technique is that the surgical apparatuses are produced which empower the speedy and non-obtrusive routines for hair follicle extraction. Today, small scale engines utilized physically or electronically have taken the spot of the hand needles. These gadgets permit non-dangerous extraction of the hair follicles. Operation time is lessened from 2 days to a minor 3-4 hours and gave incredible comfort to the patients. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a hair transplantation strategy which is generally utilized because of its points of interest. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the first system that comes into brain in the hair transplantation field.

This has an undeniable reason: FUE hair transplantation system is an effortless operation in which the patient could backtrack to their typical life in a brief while and this technique does exclude any trims or fastens. No noticeable, perpetual scarring could be found in the giver territory where the hair follicles are removed. Likewise with this strategy it is conceivable to transplant body hairs.


Male pattern baldness for the ladies is brought about by and large by sickliness, mineral and vitamin lack, hormonal irregularity, thyroid malady, pregnancy, breastfeeding period and so on. Keeping in mind the end goal to keep the male pattern baldness in ladies first the variable bringing on the male pattern baldness ought to be evacuated. In this way, before hair transplant choice is taken, they ought to counsel to a dermatologist, master of interior ailments or now and again to an endocrinologist. In the event that the elements bringing on male pattern baldness are uprooted, lost hair could create itself in one year regularly.

Hair transplantation operation is standard for ladies and men however because of their physical appearance ladies won't care for having their head shaved. Thus the hair transplant in the ladies is done with an alternate strategy. Rather than shaving the head totally, a zone behind the ears of 2-2,5 cm in width is shaved after the hair is lifted at a length of 15 cm and hair union is removed from just this range with the assistance of a miniaturized scale engine. After this operation, the range from which the hair is separated, is shut with the lifted hair. The scar on this range is shut inside of a week and following a month the territory from which hair is separated is not felt notwithstanding when touched with a finger.

After the hair extraction, a channel is opened with a dainty segment from the territory from which the hair was removed without shaving the hair. The main distinction in this procedure is, the hair on this range is longer. It takes a week for the range to come back to its ordinary look once more. The hair lost in three weeks, become again following three months. A normal of one year is needed for the hair transplanted to orchestrate with other hair in both look and quality. Inside of this time period, patients ought to take vitamins or do mesotherapy.

The physical point of preference of a heart transplant completed with such strategy is that it doesn't require your hair to be trimmed short. The most vital drawback is that between 800-1000 unions could be taken in one séance.

PRP Supported Hair Transplant

What it PRP (Platet Rich Plasma)?

Hair-loss PRP is utilized for speedy mending of the scars and supporting the fast hair development. PRP treatment helps the powerless hair follicles subject to be lost to pick up to be revitalized. In the patients to whom a PRP treatment is connected, it has been watched that the balding is moderately lower in the zone in which the operation is made and the hair becomes all the more firmly. In the hair transplant operation, the scars of the patients who had PRP bolster previously, recuperates all the more rapidly. After the operation the red spots and scabbed zones vanish rapidly and the hair development limit increments in the region in which the hair is transplanted.

PRP has high platelets and picked up from the blood of the patient. The blood is drawn from the patient before the system and PRP is gotten. At the point when the tolerant's own blood is utilized there is no requirement for measuring the safe reaction. Likewise, PRP does not bring about any unfavorably susceptible response


How does the PRP fluid is acquired?

As in all blood research centers, 10 cc of blood is attracted from the patient to be treated with PRP.

Attracted blood is exchanged to an extraordinary gadget in a sterile tube for the reasons of getting the platelet rich piece of blood.

Platelets are spun in a rotator and the platelet rich cells of blood is concentrated.

Platelet rate in PRP could be expanded 4-8 times with this method. The studies demonstrated that the development element of the hair follicles relies on upon the platelets.

How is the PRP fluid connected?

Initial an anesthesia is completed. At that point the PRP fluid is infused to hair roots. The infusion procedure is effortless and takes a brief while (2-3 minutes). The patients then could about-face to their ordinary every day lives and there will be no swelling or wounding after this system.

To whom the PRP fluid could be connected?

Individuals who have regular or hereditary balding or the individuals who have slight and frail hair could be treated with PRP.

PRP in hair transplantation

PRP has three parts in hair transplantation:

Revitalizing the hair follicles after the hair transplantation technique (FUE with PRP support)

Empowering the speedy development of hair after hair transplantation

Empowers the development and incitement of the transplanted hair follicles.

Sooner or later is needed before exchanging the range from which hair follicles are taken to the beneficiary territory. This procedure is vital for hair follicle to live.

Extricated hair follicles are put away in uncommonly arranged retention spaces for this reason.

In another system, PRP added to the compartment or the follicles are increased specifically with a PRP-arrangement which produces its positive results rapidly. With the infusion of PRP fluid it contributes emphatically to the life of hair follicle and helps snappy recuperating of scars and helps the development of hair follicles by animating them.

Arrive any reactions of PRP?

PRP fluid contains the understanding's own particular blood. There is no unfavorably susceptible response or contamination hazard. Primarily it is like giving your own blood. The impact of PRP treatment could be distinctive for every beneficiary. PRP treatment has a supplementary impact. The consequences of the treatment will be demonstrated in time after the treatment. This treatment just backings physical recuperati

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